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App created by Cyril Bernard, SIE, CEFE-CNRS. Get code at : https://github.com/cybernar/ShinyApps

The data processing made in this app is based on the adehabitatHR package.
Calenge, C. (2006) The package adehabitat for the R software: a tool for the analysis of space and habitat use by animals. Ecological Modelling, 197, 516-519

How to use

Input text file must be tab separated. It must contain 2 columns LON and LAT with WGS84 coordinates in decimal degrees (with '.' as decimal sepator). You can find an example of input file here : test_IT117.txt

Set h parameter (default href), and click Estimate HR for UD and HR estimation.

You can change the %UD of the home range (default 90) with the slider, before or after clicking Estimate HR.

The Download as .shp button allows you to save the HR polygon as a shapefile.